Brainchild of Bhuraram Beniwal– Meqstore dominating Amazon


August 6: When someone mentions cookware, dinnerware, bakeware, tableware, or drinkware, Meqstore is the company that springs to mind these days. It has been the industry’s leading voice, encouraging expansion and innovation on a global scale. In 2019, Meqstore’s adventure began in Jaipur. Since then, it has reached incredible heights and established itself as a brand on Amazon. Additionally, Meqstore has been promoted on Amazon’s official accounts several times.

Meqstore is an Indian company that was established with the goal of offering solid support to Indian artisans and their companies.

In addition to being an Indian company, it also makes the best stainless steel cookware that is both fuel and water efficient, which makes its products eco-friendly. They stand out from the crowd and are precisely distinguished from other stainless steel cookware.

Meqstore is the name you can rely on to enjoy your kitchen like never before.

Meqstore has experienced such rapid growth that positive reviews are pouring in.

According to one review, using meqstore while cooking was like adding an extra hand to day-to-day cooking. The entire cooking process was mess-free, an experience unlike any other, and according to the other reviewer, it’s a present, a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime.

This brand’s cookware is top-notch throughout. There is a wide range of products available. They have a selection of products, from cookware to dinnerware and tableware. It may be challenging to find the right words to praise Meqstore. Its items will never fail to improve the quality of your cuisine.

Everything you need to make your kitchen a paradise on earth for you is there, from stainless steel handi to cake-making moulds. Their kitchen utensils are works of art. Their extensive product line covers every occasion. Be it a family get-together or a birthday celebration.

With other brands, a day or two after purchasing a kitchen appliance, most people start to regret their decision. Either the products fall short of their promises or are simply not worth the money. Meqstore is an exception to this rule. With them, you never feel like bluing out your money because they provide the goods, value, and hassle-free cooking they guarantee without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Meqstore is an all-encompassing feeling that looks after every person in a home. For example, they have already taken care of an office worker by bringing a tiffin to the table. The same is done for those who enjoy experimenting with various cuisines; for them, a massive selection of nonstick kitchen appliances is produced.

Meqstore’s founder, Bhuraram, had only one goal when he set the company’s foundation: an inclusive emotion. He intended to make everyone working in a kitchen more comfortable while benefiting the Indian artisans. He believed that if a company had the appropriate product line and the correct quality to meet everyone’s needs, it would be the best in its industry. He founded this business, and after viewing his ideas, he and his staff continuously comprehended the backdrop of his feelings and delivered just that to the client and craftsman. They kept working toward achieving this goal.

Thousands of homes and craftsmen are now receiving assistance from Bhuraram Beniwal to streamline their daily tasks and expand their businesses. Meqstore was able to obtain a mention on Amazon’s official account as an emerging brand because of Bhuraram’s inclusive approach.

Bhuraram Beniwal received his early schooling at Tagore School in Osiya, Jodhpur, and after finishing his 12th grade, he pursued a at Skit Jaipur. He provided software development as a service for some time. Following that, he embarked on a harrowing trip to reach his destination, where he could reinforce the present and future of thousands of people. Bhuraram Beniwal understood technology from his father, Karanram, who worked as a railroad electrician. Bhuraram watched his father work with passion as a child and was inspired to pursue a career in technology.

By removing obstacles from tiny artisans’ lives, Bhuraram Ji could triple his profit. 

He continued, “We provide a variety of kitchen appliances, from basic models to more elaborate ones. Our assistance in achieving exact perfection will increase the effectiveness of your kitchen and cooking. Additionally, we know that each kitchen and artisan is distinct; therefore, difficulties are expected, but our motive is straightforward. We pay attention to your feelings, comprehend your ideas, and give you the precise kitchen appliance to help you achieve your dream kitchen or favourite dish. ” This encapsulates that their ultimate objective is that their team will work along the road because their company supports people who believe in bringing culinary perfection. 

Meqstore’s founder, Bhuraram Beniwal, closes by saying that the company would move forward in support of a brighter present and future by carrying on with the task at hand. While maintaining environmentally sound standards, the company will continue to benefit all Indian craftsmen and culinary perfectionists. 

Meqstore, a genuinely distinctive brand, is currently expanding on Amazon. Since it doesn’t think there should be any discrimination when bringing happiness across boundaries, all its products are available on Amazon worldwide. The products’ all-around exceptionally affordable prices are the talk of the town. 

This eco-friendly brainchild of Bhuraram is all set to dominate the Amazon. 


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